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The Movie Defenders podcast is the only podcast on the internet where the hosts won’t spend hours nitpicking and bashing the movies you love! Check out the latest episodes and hear us analyze your favorite movies without getting cheap laughs by bashing every tiny thing wrong with them. We don’t just review films, we review the critics that set the narrative of how these films are reviewed. You can learn more about us, and contact us through your favorite social media channels! We’re glad to welcome every movie lover out there to The Movie Defenders podcast! What do we do different?

  1. We play scenes from the films we review. You will HEAR the moments we talk about, even when reviewing new releases!
  2. We take a look under the covers at the “why” behind all the decisions in a film. Often, hundreds of people touch every single frame of film and there are reasons for all of it. We give you a different prism through which to view the film.
  3. We don’t review films we hated. (If you want those kinds of reviews… go you YouTube and search for any movie ever made.)

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